Tax Return

Filing Your Tax Return

Why File a Tax Return?

The first reason is that if you have been ‘invited’ by the tax authorities, you have to file a tax return. Not filing a tax return after an invitation can result in an estimated assessment. You do not want that to happen.

If you have not been invited, filing a migration tax return could  be a reason to get a refund of the too much withheld payroll tax and social security contributions.

Another reason is that you may have some deductions or special tax credits that will give you a refund.

Migration Tax Return

When you move to or leave The Netherlands and file your tax return, you will file a migration tax return.

In case you only have employment income, there’s a very good chance you will not be invited by the tax authorities to file a tax return for your migration year because the payroll tax will be considered the end station.

Even with only employment and no other deductions or special tax credits it might be worth to file a tax return for this year since in general this results in a refund.

Tax Partners

Filing a tax return in the Dutch Income tax is based on the individual. Nevertheless it is possible to have a Tax Partner in the income tax.

With a tax partner you can allocate several elements that are considered mutual, like the house you bought and assets, like your bank accounts, in box 3. People with these mutual elements therefore sometimes speak of filing a ‘jointly return’, although formally two separate income tax returns are being filed and not one.

If you have a partner without any income or with a very low taxable income, you can file a tax return and request the payment of the general tax credit.

We can assist you in filing both income tax returns, where we only charge a small additional fixed fee to prepare the income tax return of your Tax Partner.


For a regular income tax return of the previous year the deadline is May 1. If the return is being filed before April 1, the tax authorities guarantee an assessment before July 1.

For tax returns you have not been invited to do, like most migration tax returns, you have a maximum of 5 years to file your return. This means in 2017 you can still file a tax return of 2012.

If you want our assistance to file your Dutch Tax Return, please contact us.

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