Please find below our developed Box 3 Tax Calculator 2017.  You can easily calculate your Box 3 Tax 2017 result and advantage if you have a Tax Partner with this calculator. You can use the advantage to request a lower preliminary tax assessment for 2017, or use it for your income tax return 2017 (to be filed in 2018).

If you have a questions about this calculator, please contact us.

Income Tax Calculator Box 3 2017

Income Tax Calculator Box 3 2017

Box 3:


Bank Accounts
Shares, Bonds and other Investments
Real Estate (other than your primary residence)
Total Assets 2017:


Consumer loans
Total Debts 2017:

Total Assets

Total Debts
Threshold Debts

Deductible Debts

Net Capital

Tax Free

Taxed Capital

Box 3 Total

Split Taxed Capital Between Tax Partners
Partner 1 Taxed Capital
Partner 2 Taxed Capital
Box 3 Tax Split:
Box 3 Tax Unsplit
Box 3 Tax Partner 1
Box 3 Tax Partner 2
Splitting Tax Advantage

Disclaimer: Several assets and debts with special exemptions, and/or exceptions are not included in the above calculator. Also if you or your tax partner benefit from the 30% ruling, Box 3 may not be applicable to you (for the entire year). Therefore always check the outcome of this calculator with your tax advisor.