Dutch Income Tax


How does the Dutch Income tax system work? And what are the tax rates?

For more information about the Dutch Income Tax, please visit our FAQ section.

In our FAQ you will find the information about residency, taxable income and the tax rates of the different boxes.

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Calculate Your Refund

If you want to calculate your refund before filing, you can use our Dutch Income Tax Calculator 2015 or our Dutch Income Tax Calculator 2016.

Naturally always check the outcome with your advisor to see if this matches your situation. You can also contact us for any assistance.

Save Tax on Box 3 and Averaging Refund

With a Tax Partner you can calculate your advantage in Box 3 by dividing your assets with our Box 3 Calculator 2017.

You can also calculate if Averaging your taxable income of three consecutive years can give you a refund. Read more here…

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