Please find below our developed Dutch Tax Refund Calculator 2016.  You can easily calculate your income tax 2016 result with this calculator.

This is a simple calculator, and may therefore not be suitable for your situation. Therefore always check the outcome of this calculator with your tax advisor.

If you have a questions about this calculator, please contact us.

Dutch Tax Refund Calculator 2016

Employment Income:

Annual Gross Income 2016
Payroll Tax withheld 2016

Your Main Residence Property:

WOZ value of your Main Residence property
Annual Mortgage Interest and Expenses
Advanced Tax Refund (Annual Amount)


Gross Income
Deemed Rental Income
Mortgage Interest and Expenses
Small Mortgage Reduction
Subtotal: Deductible Mortgage Interest

Taxable Income Box 1

Income Tax
Mortgage Interest Correction
Social Security Tax
General Tax Credit
Labour Tax Credit
Child Tax Credit

Total Amount Due

Total Amount Withheld

Preliminary Tax Relief



To calculate your Dutch Tax Refund 2015, please go here.

To calculate if Averaging your income will give you a benefit, please visit this calculator.

If you calculated a refund and want us to file your Income Tax Return 2016, please contact us.

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