Dutch Tax Return

The Dutch Tax Return Specialists Services and Fees

Who We Are and What Services We Offer

  • We offer expert returns at low prices;
  • Our employees have more than 10 years of experience with filing Dutch Tax Returns;
  • Our employees have a master’s degree in Dutch Tax Law and can handle the most complicated cases;
  • All returns our done in-house by our experienced professionals. So no interns working on your returns and you can be sure that your return is not outsourced to other parties;
  • We can deal with Migration Years (so-called M-biljet), Expats on the 30% ruling, trusts and retirees;
  • Quick turnaround;
  • We cannot guarantee a refund, but we will guarantee that we will do our best to get you the best possible outcome.

How do we keep our fees at less than half that of our competitors

  • We only prepare tax returns. That we can optimize office workflow and work efficiently;
  • We work online. Meaning we try to keep the so-called mandatory and costly meetings to a minimum;
  • We work online so no need to fancy offices, postage, paper and other offline expenses.
  • Read more about The Way We Work here…

Our Fees

For Preparing Tax Returns we charge fixed fees. This means no matter how many time we need to prepare your return, you will never be surprised with additional costs.

Fee ex VAT incl. 21% VAT
Prepare Dutch Income Tax Return Fixed € 150 € 181.50
Prepare Migration Year Income Tax Return Fixed € 175 € 211.75
Prepare Partner Income Tax Return for a Partner without any income Fixed € 50 € 60.50
Partner Income Tax Return for a Partner with employment income Fixed € 100 € 121
File Extension Income Tax Return Fixed € 25 € 30.25
Prepare Preliminary Tax Relief (Advanced Refund) Fixed € 75 € 90.75
Prepare Self-Employed Income Tax Return with client prepared financials Fixed € 275 € 332.75
Prepare Self-Employed Income Tax Return without client prepared financials Quoted * *
Request Averaging Income Tax Fixed € 100 € 121
Meeting Hourly € 125 € 151.25
30% Ruling – visit https://www.the30ruling.nl/service-fees to view our fees for everything related to the 30% ruling.