Can you help me translate this document I received from the Dutch tax authorities?

/Can you help me translate this document I received from the Dutch tax authorities?

Can you help me translate this document I received from the Dutch tax authorities?

No problem. Just send us a copy of what you received from the tax authorities, then we will give you a translation and explanation.

To help you already, we prepared a list with terms and explanations that you can find at tax assessments or other documents from the tax authorities.


Te ontvangen of te verrekenen = Amount receivable or amount balanced.

Explanation: This amount will only be balanced if there are tax assessments you did not pay yet and the period of payment expired already.

Te betalen = Amount payable

Loonheffing = Payroll Tax

Inkomstenbelasting = Income tax

Premie Volksverzekeringen = Social Security Tax

Eerdere verleende voorlopige teruggave(n) = Received Advanced Tax Refund(s).

Explanation: If you received a monthly Advanced Tax Refund for your mortgage interest (and/or amended it), the total annual amount will be listed as this.

Eerder vastgesteld bedrag = Previous amount

Explanation: This you will find on the Tax Assessment if there was a previous Tax Assessment.


Heffingskortingen = Tax Credits

Algemene heffingskorting = General Tax Credit

Arbeidskorting = Labour Tax Credit

Inkomensafhankelijke combinatiekorting = Child Tax Credit

Explanation: Tax credits reduce the amount of Income Tax and Social Security Tax, but never below nil.


Verzamelinkomen = Total Taxable Income of Box 1,2 and 3.

Explanation: If you have both box 1 and box 3 income, your verzamelinkomen is the combined income of both your taxable income in box 1 and taxable income in box 3.

Belastbaar inkomen uit werk en woning = Taxable income in box 1 (Work and primary residence)

Belastbaar inkomen uit aanmerkelijk belang = taxable income box 2 (Substantial interest)

Belastbaar inkomen uit sparen en beleggen == Taxable income box 3 (Savings and Investments)

Eerste schijf  = First tax bracket

Tweede schijf = Second tax bracket

Derde Schijf = Third tax bracket

Vierde Schijf = Fourth tax bracket

Explanation: these are tax brackets of box 1. Each bracket has their own tax rate of a part of the taxable income.

Voorlopige aanslag = Preliminary Tax Assessment

Definitieve aanslag = Final Tax Assessment

Navorderingsaanslag = Additional Tax Assessment

Conserverende aanslag = Protective Assessment

Explanation: Protective Assessments are imposed by the tax authorities to avoid a loss of tax, because you moved out of The Netherlands and you deducted some facilities that normally would be taxed later in The Netherlands.

Rekeningnummer = bank account

Dagtekening = Date of the assessment / official document

Explanation: This date is will be used as the start of the period of an objection or appeal.

Bezwaar maken = Raise an Objection

In beroep gaan  = Appeal

Betalingsherinnering = First reminder of payment by the tax authorities. No additional costs are charged. You usually have a max of approx. 2 weeks to pay before you receive the aanmaning.

Aanmaning = Second reminder of payment by the tax authorities. A small amount of additional administrative costs are being charged. Urgent action required to avoid a ‘ dwangbevel’. If you are positive you paid the amount, please contact us then we can assist you with this.

Dwangbevel = Writ of Execution. This paper is delivered by an official tax collector from the tax authorities. You have 2 days to pay this before they take measurements. That could be either writing down your belongings and sell them by auction, asking your employer to withhold an additional amount to cover the owed taxes, or something else. Therefore very urgent action is required to avoid this. Please contact us with priority high if you received a dwangbevel.