Please find below our developed Averaging Calculator. If you had fluctuating income in Box 1 you this calculator will average your Box 1 income of three consecutive years and calculate if you are eligible for a tax refund. Naturally you have to meet the conditions before you can receive this tax refund.

How to use the calculator?
1. Please select the first year of the years you want to include in the averaging result;
2. Please fill in your Box 1 income for all these three years;
3. If the calculator shows a refund, and you meet the conditions we can assist you in requesting this refund on your behalf, because the tax authorities do not calculate this automatically on your behalf.
Please contact us and select ‘ Request Averaging Income Tax’.

If you are unsure if you meet the averaging conditions, we are happy to check this for you (free of charge).

Tax Calculator - Averaging Your Income

You can find the taxable income on your final tax assessment for the year you want to include.

Income Tax
Year 1
Income Tax
Year 2
Income Tax
Year 3
Taxable Income
Income Tax
Social Security

Avg. Taxable Income
Income Tax
Social Security

Comparing Income Tax and Social Security with Average Income Tax and Social Security
Total Year 1-3
Avg. Total Year 1-3